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Hello from Beary Huggables!!!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful start to the New Year! The beginning of a New Year is the perfect opportunity to start collecting special items of clothes (school shirts, athletic jerseys, uniforms, camp shirts, dresses from special occations, college gear, etc.) to combine into a beautiful memory quilt.

Or, you could choose an article of clothing from a friend or loved one and create a Huggable Loving Bear. If you don’t have clothing available you can always find a themed fabric which represents their personality, hobby or favorite pastime.

Pillows can also be a cozy alternative to help keep those memories at hand.

Beary Huggables Full Plaid Bear with Button Strip & Bow TieBeary Huggables Sports Pillows

About Us

We are a Mother-Daughter team located in Northern California but we have customers all over the country!

Celebrate birthdays, weddings, school years, sports teams, baby showers, pregnancies, concerts, or honor a loved one who has passed.

We don’t just make custom teddy bears but we make pillows and beautiful quilts too. We specialize in keepsake and custom designs and all items are made especially for you or give as a unique gift to someone special.

Let us create a family keepsake that will be cherished for years to come.

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