Thoughts from our beloved customers

“My husbands father passed away 30 years ago. The happiest memories George had with his dad were going fishing on the weekends. We had two bears made with a jacket his father wore on all their fishing trips. When we received the bears George was thrilled beyond words. The sheer happiness on his face was awesome! He mentioned that he feels like he can hug his father all over again.”

Toni & George from Lincoln, CA

“We absolutely love our bear! Besides being super cute, it is cozy and incredibly well made. The craftsmanship is great, with a lot of attention to detail. Taking items of meaning and creating a snuggly bear to pass along to a loved one is genius. I am looking forward to many years of memories to come with our bear.”

Jenica from Sacramento, CA

“This was such a special gift for my husband and sister-in-law who lost their father over 10 years ago. We had saved one of their fathers favorite shirts and made two incredible bears. We received it quickly and the quality was amazing.”

Ciara from Lincoln, CA

“I wanted you to know what a gift it is to me and I’m sure to others. I looked at our bear last night before going to bed and couldn’t resist hugging him and telling him how much I loved him. Thank you so much.”

Mary from San Francisco, CA

“My brother passed away a little over three months ago and I want my 2 & 5 year old to have this special way to remember him. Oh my goodness, they are Perfect!!! Tears of joy to have these to keep and cherish forever!! Thank you so much!”

Kayla from Georgia

“Thank you so much for the bears! They are amazing and my sister loves them!!”

Margie from Rio Vista, CA

“Beary Huggables made this amazing bear in remembrance of my father in law. It was made for my niece who never got to meet her Papa here on earth. She now has a connection to him that she can love on all the days of her life! Thank you so much for giving us this special gift!”

Megan from Citrus Heights, CA.

After learning about your company on Good Day Sacramento, I contacted you and handed you a piece of a very fragile quilt that was brought over from the Austro-Hungarian Empire, now the Czech Republic, by my grandparents who emigrated over 100 years ago. You were able to use it to make four beautiful teddy bears- one for each of the great-great granddaughters. Thank you so much for preserving this part of our family history!!

Linda F. , Elk Grove, CA

I ordered a bear for my sister-in-law made from her late father’s shirt. I can’t express how well made and wonderful it turned out! She loves it and I know will treasure it forever. Thank you Beary Huggables for all that you did and do.

Tracy B. from Lincoln, CA

Such a special gift!!! A bear made out of one of my Dad’s old bowling shirts! Best gift ever!!

Dyann K.